Hardware Ivanic company that was founded by Stanislav Ivanic, 1993, with a lot of effort, work and gaining experience through jobs created is a craft that guarantees quality and precision manufacturing construction hardware as well as various structures, aluminum joinery and of metal and CNC services of metal sheet.


We operate in 800 m2 of production space and 150 m2 of warehouse and office space. We own CNC machines and tools that are required for metal, aluminum and stainless steel.


Our greatest asset is our employees and rich years of experience. Develop their businesses through independent development of crafts and transparent relationship with our business partners and the communities where we operate. In this way, we create a network of satisfied partners with whom us cultivate long-standing successful cooperation.


Most invest in standards and the purchase of new CNC machines in order to continue to meet the highest world standards, and permeate quality processing of sheet metal and metal on the world market, all based on many years of tradition, knowledge, competitiveness, innovation and reliability.


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