• Sheet metal punching out or passed our sheet to a thickness of 5mm
  • Cutting sheet metal up to 25mm thickness of the adopted or our materials
  • Bending sheet metal up to 10 mm, length 3 meters
  • Perforations sheets in various patterns to 5mm thick
  • Puncturing sheets, plasma cutting
  • Welding ( TIG-MIG, Co2, electro)
  • Laser cutting sheet metal 25mm, stainless steel 16mm, aluminum 10mm
  • Turning parts, milling parts

Hardware Ivanic with classical locksmiths as manufacture of metal structures, fences, canopies and other metal products and aluminum joinery largely opted for the production of metal parts on CNC machines.
We meet the most demanding needs for precision and quality workmanship at AMADA CNC punching and CNC bending machine LVD. We have a two-point CNC machines where spot welding completing switching elements, if welding is not possible to perform spot welding and possess a range TIG / MIG welding machines and several professional welders.

CNC includes operations such as CNC punching and punching, metal cutting, bending, welding, spot welding, threading, coating.


With years of experience in the design and manufacture of our team of engineers helps to design boxes for different purposes, cabinets, a variety of fasteners, various housings for electronic parts for the automotive industry and the medical industry.

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